Package 1

ASSESSMENT OF ARTIST WEB PRESENCE – Analyzes your web site, Facebook Page and other social media assets and advises on adjustments to make them more effective, offering tips on how to broaden reach and further engage fans.

BIO REVIEW/EDIT – Reviews your official band bio and suggests improvements to make it more appealing to press, radio, booking agents, and the label/publishing communities.

FIVE-SONG MUSIC REVIEW – Critiques five of your songs and advises on production value, radio airplay potential, ‘sync-friendliness’, etc.

LIVE PERFORMANCE REVIEW – Critiques video of your live performance and advises on set flow, stage presence and image, player proficiency, between-song banter, etc.

CREATE 3 MONTH PLAN – Create 3 month step by step plan for whatever music aspect you wish to focus.

ENSURE CONSISTENT IMAGING   – Website, photos, videos, EPKs, etc.

INCLUDES ONE 1 Hour Phone Consultation