In the professional music world, one size does not fit all. Every artist is at a different stage in their career and needs specialized guidance to get to that next level. That’s why I will create a campaign to fit your particular needs and goals. Your degree of commitment is up to you, but here are some our areas of focus. 

  1. Develop live performance
  2. Defining your skill
  3. Developing your studio sound
  4. Recording and songwriting
  5. Image/Style consultancy
  6. Interview techniques
  7. Mentoring and direction
  8. Promo photo, Biography, EPK
  9. Continual professional development
  10. Social Media Management
  11. Project Management
  12. Email Writing
  13. Blog / Radio Submission
  14. Licencing Opportunities
  15. Marketing Plan Development
  16. Press Release
  17. Tour Planning

There are many more aspect we can help, email for more info and a breakdown in prices.