Aubree Nicole

Aubree Black and White
Pop singer/songwriter Aubree Nicole was born Felisha Nicole Aubrey in the small town of Bury St. Edmund, UK. As a child Aubree began performing at the age of 3 stunning church members with her rendition of Jesus loves me. Aubree’s mother never forgotten the first moment she recognized that her daughter was born to be a star and has since pushed her to succeed in everything she does.

At the tender age of 12, Aubree auditioned to perform overseas with the Texas Children’s Choir in Normandy, France. Out of a packed audition, only 50 were chosen to represent Texas in France at the World War II memorial.

The success of being chosen to represent Texas on the world stage cemented her confidence and lead she to audition for the popular television show, “The Voice”.  Even though not getting that coveted spot, Aubree caught the attention of Pittsburgh based Music Magazine,, OAG Management and Taylor Way Entertainment.

This opportunity did not come at the best time as Aubree just ended a long term relationship and went through one of the toughest situation of her life.  But to the good it brought out the best in Aubree and now it has helped her craft some amazing music that the masses must hear.  The first song Aubree recorded for the demo was the heartbreak love song, “Find Myself”.

Now at the age of 21 Aubree is ready to shine through all the heartbreaks.




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